Come into the Lite - ChurchliteTM - Everything you love about Church with half the guilt+, and 0 grams of metaphysics per service++.

+ We remove all of the guilt over offending imaginary beings and of enjoying life ( "bad guilt" ) while retaining most of the guilt over harming others ( "good guilt" ) and some guilt over privilege (in the form of concern over the plight of the less fortunate)(not present in all competing churches).

++ Contains Philosophical Naturalism (used to prevent Philosophical Supernaturalism), which adds a trivial amount of metaphysics.


A Church without God

Brothers, sisters and siblings of other genders; I'm here today to share with you a vision; a vision of a church without revelation, without prayer, without superstition and, most of all, without God.

Some might ask if it's even possible to have a church without God. The answer to that is simple: There is no God1, so every single Church on Earth, from the smallest, storefront loony cult to the largest, mainstream, world-spanning loony2 cult is, in fact, a Church without God.

Every cathedral, temple and mosque has been built by people, not God. Every holy book and hymn has been written by people, not God. Every good work, every charitable act has been performed by people, not God. Every bowl of broth at every soup kitchen has been ladled by people, not God.

So every church is a church without God.

But why have a church at all? We are atheists, agnostics and freethinkers. If we have no use for God, what use do we have for church?

The Church is a place for us to come together and celebrate life in the company of others who share our unbelief. A place to share our triumphs and a place to seek support in our trials. A place to seek inspiration and share the inspiration that we have found. A place where morality is a question of how we treat other people, not what we do with our genitals. Where our worth as people is judged by what we do, not how much we get paid to do it. A place to laugh at life's absurdities, and shout at its injustices knowing that our voices will carry farther if we shout in unison.

Other groups for unbelievers tend to focus on the intellectual and political needs of the unbeliever, ignoring these emotional and social needs3.

Last but not least, the church is an enormous pie in the face for those who think they own morality.

If none of these things appeal to you, well Vaya Sin Dios. But if even some of these things resonate with you, won't you please join us?

1 -- Technically, church doctrine is that theism is incorrect, that is to say: there is no God who cares about or interferes with the world. "There is no God" is convenient shorthand and an Accepted Heresy4.[back]

2 -- Some may object to using the term "loony" to describe mainstream religion. If asking favors of people who aren't there, i.e. "praying", isn't the definition of loony, it's close enough for our purposes.[back]

3 -- One could call these "Spiritual Needs" if one uses the word "Spirit" fairly loosely.[back]

4 -- Accepted Heresy - Any belief which contradicts official doctrine, but is widely held by church members. The church does not just accept heresy, it encourages it.5.[back]

5 -- Please don't tell people we have footnotes for the footnotes to our footnotes; It'll give them the entirely wrong idea about us.[back]